Lionel Messi’s wife explained the meaning of the Argentine’s celebration to Atlanta


Lionel Messi’s wife Antonela Roccuzzo has revealed the meaning of a new celebration that caught everyone’s attention after Inter Miami’s 4-0 win over Atlanta United.

After the Argentine scored the second goal, he directed the celebration towards his family. Many speculated about the meaning of the holiday, initially thinking it might be a ‘hold my beer’ gesture.

However, Antonela clarified the mystery later in her Instagram story.

She shared a photo of Messi partying with a ‘hammer’ related to Marvel superhero Thor.


It turns out that Thiago Messi’s favorite superhero is Thor, and Leo wanted to make an image of him imitating Thor’s iconic hand gesture, waiting for his hammer to arrive.

Messi began to smile after seeing his boys’ enthusiastic reaction to the celebration during the game.