UEFA expels Juventus from the Conference League


Juventus have reportedly been banned from the 2023-24 edition of the Conference League and ordered to pay a fine for financial irregularities, representing a best-case scenario from UEFA for the Bianconeri.

It remains to be seen if their place in the Conference League will be taken by eighth Fiorentina or if it will remain vacant.

The club were stripped of 10 points in the Serie A table in May for artificially raising transfer fees to boost capital gains.

This eventually saw them drop from third place to seventh, qualifying not for the Champions League or even the Europa League, but for the Conference League.

Considering that was the situation, Juve’s lawyers worked with UEFA to essentially accept a plea deal, banning them from European competition for a year, while ultimately only being included in the tournament. small.


This could clear up the dirt and also be considered a way to mend the bridges with UEFA that were burnt during the Andrea Agnelli era over the Super League project.

Juventus under new management have been keen to distance themselves as much as possible from that era, which included their official exit from the European Super League last month, leaving only Real Madrid and Barcelona still linked with the project.