Fabrizio Romano’s staggering Twitter earnings revealed


Fabrizio Romano’s unbelievable income from Twitter alone has been revealed – and the amount is staggering.

The Italian journalist has built his football reporting empire on social media, with the reporter boasting more than 17.3 million followers on Twitter.

He has often proven himself to be one of the most reliable and informed journalists in football, with his catchphrase ‘Here We Go!’, accurately reporting every deal made across Europe.

Romano works around the clock, and his uncompromising work ethic was reflected when he revealed his phone screen time in early July, showing he was on his phone for more than 17 hours in one day.

He had spent over 17 hours on his phone on July 5

But all the effort is certainly worth the time as it was revealed that he earns around €86,780 a month from Twitter – which equates to around €1.04 million a year – thanks to a revenue share from the platform’s new owner Elon Musk from advertising .

These numbers were calculated by an app called Notus, which takes the amount of monthly interactions an account receives and converts it to cash using the actual ad revenue money on the site.

And Romano’s position as Twitter’s top football journalist sees him garner huge amounts of likes, retweets, comments and views on almost every post.