Jay-Z plans to buy Tottenham following Joe Lewis’ fraud arrest

According to the Daily Express, American rapper Jay-Z is planning an extraordinary purchase of Tottenham Hotspur, one of the best English football clubs. The possible deal is said to be worth 2.5 billion euros.

The move comes at an interesting time, as the Spurs’ current owner, billionaire Joe Lewis, is facing legal issues related to insider trading.

Jay-Z, who already co-owns the NBA team Brooklyn Nets, has an impressive net worth of €2.3 billion and his wife, Beyonce, adds an additional €500 million to their fortune.

With Tottenham’s estimated value standing at over two billion euros, Jay-Z and his group of investors are ready to make an incredible offer for the club.

The surprising connection between Beyonce and Tottenham has also attracted the attention of fans. The artist held a series of concerts at Spurs’ stadium this summer, and now it seems her husband may be interested in the football side of things.

An associate of Jay-Z told the Express: “More than a few of the very good clubs out there – like Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea – are now US-owned and Jay would be interested in making Spurs a brand more global”.

“It remains to be seen if Mr. Lewis will leave. If he doesn’t, Jay has said he wants to be in a position to move quickly if he thinks the price is right,” he added.