The clause Tottenham want to include in Harry Kane’s contract with Bayern Munich

Tottenham Hotspur have made a specific request to Bayern Munich during face-to-face talks over Harry Kane’s future.

Bayern have had two bids for Kane rejected by Spurs but remain in dialogue with the London outfit and traveled to the capital for discussions on Monday.

According to Sky Sports, Bayern chief executive Jan-Christian Dreesen and technical director Marco Neppe were both present at the negotiations, which were originally scheduled for last week before being rescheduled.

According to the BILD newspaper, the first meeting may have been canceled to avoid a media storm with the fear that the fans will find out.

After talks, it emerged that the two clubs are still far apart when it comes to a transfer fee for Kane.

Bayern is willing to pay no more than 100 million euros, with an initial payment of 90 million euros plus 10 million euros in bonuses.

However, Spurs feel their star is worth at least €120 million, even with one year left on his contract.

Another important detail from the talks is that Spurs insist on a buy-back clause if Kane returns to the Premier League.

This would give Spurs the option of bringing their record goalscorer back to the club in the future and it looks like Bayern are willing to agree to the request.

For Kane, this deal could prove very beneficial as he could theoretically move to Bundesliga champions Bayern and compete for big money before returning to the English top flight.

He is still keen to break Alan Shearer’s Premier League goalscoring record and is just 47 goals away after a stunning 30-goal campaign in a weak Spurs side last term.