PSG try to blame Mbappe by threatening to lose jobs at the club due to the contract


Paris Saint-Germain have found themselves in a tricky situation regarding the future of Kylian Mbappe, and they are doing everything they can to get out of it.

Mbappe has told PSG he will not be leaving the club this summer, which is problematic as they need the proceeds from his sale to satisfy Financial Fair Play rules.

The Frenchman must opt to leave or PSG want him to renew his deal, allowing them to restructure his contract.

After he rejected their latest proposal, L’Equipe writes that they have had access to a letter sent to Mbappe which showed what would happen if he did not renew with them.

“We would then be faced with the need to transfer players, review the policy of integrating youth trained at the club into the first team and most likely have to start a wave of redundancies. It would call into question everything that has been built within the club,” PSG wrote in the letter.


It should be noted that everything that has been built at PSG over the last decade has been the result of Qatari oil money pouring into the club.

Likewise, pointing the finger of blame at Mbappe, an employee, for the club’s financial mismanagement (if the situation is that desperate) makes little sense, as he was not the deal-breaker.

These threats are a clear attempt to cajole Mbappe into signing a new deal – unless they actually persuade him to change his mind, they are likely to only strain relations further. No doubt to the delight of Real Madrid’s long-term suitors.