They transferred him for 100 million euros, but Kane broke all records with jersey sales in Germany


Bayern Munich have managed to sign Harry Kane after protracted negotiations with Tottenham Hotspurs.

The Bavarians agreed to pay 100 million euros to Spurs for his transfer, plus another 10 million euros in bonuses.

The 30-year-old has signed a four-year contract with Bayern, from which he will earn 25 million euros gross per season, or about 15 million net.

The England captain has become the most expensive purchase not only in the history of Bayern, but in all of German football.

The German daily Sport Bild has reported that a record has been broken in terms of the sale of Harry Kane jerseys by Bavarian fans.


In fact, Bayern have never won so much in one day with shirts bearing the name of one player.

By the end of the day on Sunday, Bayern had sold more than 10,000 shirts bearing Kane’s name and number nine.

Kane’s original jerseys cost from 75 euros (for children) to 138 euros. If we put the average, average price at 100 euros, then it seems clear that just yesterday Bayern sold Kane’s jerseys for more than a million euros.