Kepa’s message from his first conference as a Real Madrid player, Chelsea will not like it at all

Kepa has sent a clear message to Chelsea of his intention to stay at Real Madrid beyond a season-long loan.

The Spanish goalkeeper left the Blues in a quick loan deal to Los Blancos, but hopes to make the move permanent.

“I really hope that Real Madrid will keep me at the end of the season”, declared Kepa during his first interview as a Real Madrid player.

“I am very happy to be here today. What happened in the past (2018) is the past. Thank you all again.”

“I spoke to Courtois, I send him a lot of support and I hope he will be back soon.”

“This is a proud moment for me. This club is legendary. I grew up watching Iker Casillas. He is one of my idols,” added the Spanish goalkeeper.

Real Madrid will pay Chelsea one million euros to keep the Cup for the remainder of this season. The deal does not come with a mandatory buyout option meaning the player will return to Chelsea in 2024.

However, Real Madrid could decide to sign Kepa permanently if he manages to perform well this season.