Guardiola: Against Newcastle we showed why we win many trophies


Manchester City got their second win in two weeks in the Premier League after beating Newcastle with a minimum score of 1-0.

Decisive for this City victory was the goal of Julian Alvarez in the first half, as after the challenge coach Pep Guardiola praised his boys.

The Spaniard pointed out that the game against Newcastle showed why his team is so successful as the players showed the right mentality to get full points despite injuries and the fact that they had a few days off.

“The game against Newcastle showed the best why this team has won so many titles.”


“The mentality of the players always surprises me. This match we were in difficult conditions, very little rest, injured players and despite these we played very well”.

“The commitment on the field was maximum and I am very happy with the performance of the players. It was a well-deserved win while we could have scored more.

“I told the players we had to make an effort, that was the Premier League calendar and we had to be ready. We gladly accepted the challenge, the behavior of the players was exceptional”, said Guardiola.