The president of the Spanish football federation does not stop – now he has also threatened the player who kissed him


The president of the Spanish football federation, Luis Rubiales, has gone from scandal to scandal.

After kissing Jenni Hermoso at the medal ceremony, while Spain had won the World Cup against England, the head of Spanish football made another scandal.

Rubiales was seen celebrating in the VIP stands as he grabbed his genitalia and waved from the field.

Although he apologized for kissing Hermoso, Rubiales has gone even further.

In fact, by making public the video of the number one’s apology, the Spanish Football Federation also added “statements” from the striker, who described the gesture as “reciprocal” and spoke of a “deep bond of friendship” that was supposed to had with the president of the federation.


Hermoso, who in fact categorically refused to appear in the video recorded by the president, despite the fact that, as reported in Spain, Rubiales and coach Jorge Vilda (already at the center of many controversies) have exerted pressure, even on the player’s family , to mitigate the image damage caused by the shameful gesture of the Spanish football number one.