Ronaldo on transfers to Saudi Arabia: Six months ago you took me crazy


Today, Cristiano Ronaldo appeared at a press conference where he spoke about the rivalry with Lionel Messi, while he also returned to talk about Saudi Arabia.

This country has spent countless millions, attracting several more big names to the domestic championship, normally after Cristiano Ronaldo left.

“The Saudi championship is beautiful, but you judge without watching the matches. It is a good and strong league. You are seeing for yourself what is happening with the transitional periods and approaches”, said Ronaldo.

The famous Portuguese remembered his statement given a few months ago, when he said that the Arab Super League will return to the five strongest championships in the world.


“I knew it would happen like this in Arabia. I said it six months ago, but they took me for crazy…”.

“But, in the end, it turns out that the crazy person is not so crazy. And it turns out to be normal to play in Saudi Arabia”.

“For me it was a great privilege to change the culture of a country in terms of football and to see big stars go to Saudi Arabia,” said the Al-Nassr striker.