The expenses of La Liga clubs in wages are revealed – Real Madrid is far from the competitors, Barcelona falls to third place


La Liga has released its wage expenditure figures for the 2023/24 season, with Real Madrid well ahead of the rest of the competition in terms of spending power on player wages.

The salary caps in La Liga are essentially based on income and expenditure, allowing clubs to spend 70% of their turnover, taking into account their closing balances from the previous season, in order to ensure that clubs are stable.

If clubs exceed their salary cap then they set limits on how much money they can spend on players and still sign them. Clubs can generally spend 50% of the money they save on wages combined with what they earn on transfer fees.

Real Madrid is well ahead of any other team in La Liga, with 720 million euros. This is an increase of 37 million euros. Meanwhile, Atletico Madrid overtook Barcelona as the team with the second-highest salary cap, with €296 million, a drop of €45 million. Barcelona’s salary cap has been reduced by 379 million euros, going from 648 million euros to 270 million.


Sevilla are the fourth largest financial force in terms of salary cap with €168m, a drop of €31m. This represents the global trend across the league of cuts. In total, the salary caps last summer reached €3.052 billion, which is now €2.563 billion, a drop of just under €489 million.

The three lowest salary caps in the division are Alaves (€31 million), Las Palmas (€35 million) and Getafe (€40 million).

In terms of percentage, their drop is rivaled only by Barcelona, ​​with a drop of €29 million equivalent to 58% of the previous salary cap.