Real Madrid “problems” with the roof at “Santiago Bernabeu” – La Liga and UEFA with different rules for its opening


The new roof of the “Santiago Bernabeu” is one of the main attractions of the renovated stadium. The complex architectural framework makes every Madrid fan crane their neck to look up.

In the two matches of the season that Real Madrid has played at home, different scenarios have been seen regarding the new roof which can stay open, but it can also be completely closed.

Against Getafe, in what was the re-opening match of the new “Santiago Bernabeu”, the whites decided to close the roof of the stadium, taking into account the rainy weather conditions and taking advantage of the opening match.

Yesterday (Sunday), against Real Sociedad, where the goal in Madrid was open, the match was played without a roof.

But why did Los Blancos decide to play one match indoors and one outdoors? What are the La Liga regulations for these cases? What are UEFA’s?

Real Madrid decide themselves in La Liga, but not in UEFA competitions

In the Spanish domestic competitions there are no regulations that indicate how a club can use the roof, so in this case it all depends on Real Madrid. The club decides whether or not it wants to use the cover.


The only thing La Liga doesn’t allow is changing match conditions mid-match. This means, if Los Blanocs decide to close the Bernabeu in a match, they will not be able to open it after the first half and vice versa. The duel starts and ends on the same terms.

However, in UEFA everything is different. To begin with, within the regulations there is an article dedicated to the roof of stadiums even if they have roofs that can be changed. Article 32 states that “it is the UEFA match delegate who, after consulting the referee, decides whether the roof of the stadium will be open or closed during the match”.

This is decided at the meeting of the organization of the match, although it can change its decision before the start, but also during the match.

So unlike La Liga, the roof can be opened or closed during the first half.