The president of Atletico Madrid warns Barcelona about Joao Felix: He is a great footballer, but he is ours


Joao Felix has been reborn after his loan move to Barcelona from Atletico Madrid on the last day of the summer transfer window.

In four played matches, Felix has scored three goals and provided two assists, showing an exceptional form.

However, his loan to the Catalan giant is simple from Atletico Madrid, with Barcelona not having the right to purchase, and to do so, he must start the talks from the beginning again with the Madrid players.

The president of Atletico, Enrique Cerezo, also spoke about Felix’s high form, who said that the Portuguese is one of their footballers.

“Joao Felix is our player, we must protect him, help him and think that if he is good, he is also good for us.”


“We have always said that he is a fantastic player and he is showing this at Barcelona. It didn’t suit us. He is a great player at Barcelona. Maybe he wasn’t prepared for us.”

“It didn’t work, it didn’t show everything it had. He went to Chelsea and the same thing happened. Now in Barcelona it’s showing, great players always end up doing that,” said Cerezo.

Felix will return to Atletico Madrid in the summer, where he has a contract until the summer of 2029, when Barcelona will try to finally buy him.