Unusual situation at Aston Villa: Players complain about their shirts


Aston Villa players have reportedly told the club’s hierarchy they are unhappy with this season’s wet-looking kits, which they claim is affecting their performances.

According to the Daily Telegraph, manager Unai Emery is aware of the issue, with the club now working with shirt manufacturer Castore to try to find a quick solution.


Like most Premier League clubs, Villa launched three kit designs, but fans have noticed they get wet quickly, with sweat seeing it stick to players during matches.

And the British outlet has claimed this has prompted players to complain, claiming it is affecting performances. Meanwhile, they have told the club officials that the jerseys are becoming uncomfortable and heavy.

The problem has been particularly noticeable in home kits, which quickly become much darker than their original kit during matches. However, the players are said to have claimed that the white away shirt is just as bad.

Villa are two years into their “multi-year deal” with Castore and it remains to be seen whether or not the case could affect that deal.