Bayern are expected to test Barcelona with a big offer for Pedri

Pedri is undoubtedly Barcelona’s most important player and he has earned a status as a non-transferable player.

But in football nothing is impossible and often other players who were considered non-transferable have changed teams.

The talented Spanish midfielder is the desire of many big European clubs, but so far Barcelona has resisted offers.

The Catalans are in a financial crisis and Bayern Munich is trying to take advantage of this.

Barcelona is in a delicate financial situation and Bayern Munich is willing to offer a figure ranging from 100 to 120 million euros for Pedri.

This would mark a record transfer for Bayern, but they believe Pedri’s quality and potential justifies it.

Pedri has become one of the most exciting talents in European football and has proven his worth for both Barcelona and the Spanish national team. His ability to control the game in midfield and his vision are qualities that have impressed clubs around the world.

However, it seems difficult for Barcelona to give up their star, even though Bayern will try to transfer Pedro.