Napoli posts communiqué on Osimhen’s case – does not apologize to the player for the video on TikTok


Napoli has issued an official statement assuring that they “never meant to offend or make fun of Victor Osimhen” with the video posted on TikTok, but have not apologized to the Nigerian player.

The forward was angered after a video was posted on the club’s official TikTok account depicting him in a comical voice calling for a penalty against Bologna, which he then fired wide.

His agent Roberto Calenda threatened legal action against Napoli, while Osimhen removed all photos of himself in the club’s shirt from his soci al media accounts.


This evening, Napoli released an official statement on the club’s website.

“Calcio Napoli, wanting to avoid any exploitation of the case, emphasizes that we never wanted to offend or make fun of Victor Osimhe, who is a treasure of this club.”

“As evidence of this, during the summer training, the Club firmly rejected any offer that was received for the transfer of the striker abroad.”

Then the club wrote that on TikTok, these forms are frequent, but without wanting Osimhen to be the protagonist.

“In any case, if Victor perceived any offense towards him, this was not what the club intended,” the statement read.

This from the club isn’t exactly an apology, more a clarification of their intent, but it may not be enough to completely defuse the situation.

Osimhen played and scored for Napoli in last night’s 4-1 Serie A win over Udinese, but he probably expected more than that statement.