“I’m worried” – Ancelotti talks about the accusations against Barcelona for bribes to referees


Barcelona is being accused of bribing the former vice-president of the Spanish Arbitration Committee, Jose Maria Negreira, from 2001 to 2018.

The Catalan club explained that Negreira was ‘engaged’ by the club to provide them with technical reports on opposing players and referees.

Barça could face any kind of punishment, including expulsion from the elite, although it is unlikely at the moment as the court has not found any link between these payments and the influence on the work of referees.

Carlo Ancelotti has spoken about the case saying that the final decision should be taken by the legal bodies, not by anyone else, but added that he is concerned with the situation.


“I am concerned about this matter [the Negreira case], like the whole football world about such a serious matter.”

“I have lived in this world of football for 40 years and when this kind of thing happens, we all worry. We hope that justice will do its job and reach a solution”, Carlo Ancelotti told the media.

Real Madrid days ago on the club’s official TV channel accused one of the referees of wrong decisions, which was not well received by the president of La Liga, Javier Tebas.