Yamal seven years ago held Ramos’ hand before El Clasico, now forced him to score an own goal


Barcelona and Sevilla played the first match of the eighth round of La Liga and two players who had a 21-year age difference faced each other on the field.

37-year-old Sergio Ramos played for Sevilla, while 16-year-old Lamine Yamal starts for Barcelona from the first minute.

The Spaniards released an interesting video. Namely, in 2016, Ramos, the then captain of Real Madrid, came out on the field of “Camp Nou| before an El Clasico, holding the hand of nine-year-old Yamal.


Now, seven years later, they played against each other, and even decided the match.

It was the 76th minute, when Lamine Yamal sent a ball towards the goal which was deflected by Sergio Ramos to finish in the net for 1-0.

Yamal was one of the best on the field at Barcelona and threatened Sevilla’s goal several times.

He is considered the most talented player in the world for his age.