Juventus is preparing a renewal offer for Adrien Rabiot

Juventus convinced Adrien Rabiot to sign a short-term contract rather than leave as a free agent and it is now being reported that the Italian club’s management are working to extend the deal.

The midfielder joined Juventus as a free agent in 2019 after previously being part of PSG and the Frenchman was close to leaving Italy this summer.

However, he agreed to sign a one-year contract until June 2024, despite the fact that the “Old Lady” failed to qualify for European competition.

The presence of coach Maximiliano Allegri is believed to have been an important element in the Frenchman’s decision and the club is trying to use this during the new negotiations for the extension of the contract.

As reported by the Italian media, a meeting is set to be held in November between Juventus directors and Rabiot’s mother, Veronique Rabiot.

They hope to convince the midfielder to sign a three-year contract before the January transfer window, when he can begin talks with other clubs, including Manchester United, who were keen on him in the summer.