Romero and Mac Allister clash on social media after the scandal in London where Liverpool were damaged by VAR


Liverpool suffered a 2-1 defeat at Tottenham Hotspur in a match that never seemed to end, as it continued to be discussed after its conclusion.

The Reds were badly hurt when they were denied a clean sheet by Luiz Diaz and VAR was not reviewed, with the Premier League later admitting the error and apologizing.

But this match has also caused two compatriots to collide, Argentines Alexis Mac Allister and Cristiano Romero.

It was Spurs’ Argentine defender Cristian Romero who posted a picture on his profile praising the team’s spirit.

“This team has a big spirit, a big heart. Always like this, all together,” wrote Romero.


It didn’t take long and the comment came from Alexis Mac Allister, the Liverpool midfielder.

“Normal when you have 12 players,” wrote Mac Allister, until Romero responded in epic fashion.

“Cry at home”, replied the Argentine center back, until the comment was later deleted.

However, the different media on the island have preserved the reply and now the comments of the Argentinian duo have become viral on the network.