Osimhen’s official reaction comes, after the recent events in Naples


Victor Osimhen has issued a letter expressing his reaction regarding a video published by Napoli staff on social networks.

In that footage, the Nigerian striker is seen looking for a penalty, which he later takes away.

But, in his response letter, it is said that no one can come between him and the club.

“Coming to the city of Naples in 2020 was a wonderful decision for me. The people of Naples have shown me so much love and kindness, and I will not allow anyone to come between us,” his letter reads first.

“The passion of the people of Naples fuels my fire to always play with my heart and soul, and the love for the emblem is unwavering as I wear it with pride.”

“The accusations against the people of Naples are untrue. I have many friends who are Neapolitan and have become part of my family and everyday life. I appreciate Nigerians and everyone for leading their voices to support and reach out to me”.

“I am forever grateful. To support unity, respect and understanding”.