In 2027 there will be no Champions League: UEFA has almost three new competitions

According to Marca, UEFA is considering a possible change to the format of the European Cups.

The issue will be discussed at the end of October. If the management of the organization decides all the details and the project is accepted, then the new format of the tournament is planned to be presented no earlier than 2027.

UEFA wants to launch a European Cup campaign with three tournaments – the Super League, the Europa League and the Candidates League. Teams in these divisions will compete for promotion and relegation, just like in the national championships.

It is worth remembering that changes in the format of the Champions League are expected from the next season.

From 2024, 36 teams will participate in it and during the competition each participant will play at least eight matches.

After that, the overall ranking will be announced. The top eight teams will qualify directly to the round of 16, while the teams from 9th to 24th place will play a play-off to determine the remaining eight participants in the round of 16.