What is happening with Alcantara?

Liverpool’s good start to the season may have allowed a certain Spanish midfielder to go under the radar. But it’s time to ask the question, where is Thiago Alcantara?

The last time Thiago played for the English side was in April in a match where they beat West Ham 2-1 as they battled for fourth place.

Alcantara has since been sidelined with a groin injury.

The midfielder was expected to have recovered from his thigh problem by now, but physical problems have further prevented him from training since the start of the season, the club confirmed.

“Thiago is in good shape, the healing process is going well, so that’s the most important thing at the moment,” Liverpool assistant coach Pepijn Lijnders said last week.

It is sad to see the injury that ties up the brilliant career of a great football player. Hopefully he will be back later this month to help Liverpool.