A strange situation is created with the injury of Arda Guler

Arda Guler was expected to return to action last week against Las Palmas, but an unfortunate last-minute injury prevented him from making his debut for Real Madrid.

The Turkish sensation has been sidelined for three weeks with a muscle injury, but the work he has done recently has been incredible and the progress in his form is evident.

Just a week after his injury, Arda Guler has managed to return to some running sessions on the field.

According to the club, this is a very positive signal from the 18-year-old, who is expected to be of great help to the team this season after his return.

Everyone is looking forward to Arda’s return, both within the team and the fans watching from the outside.

His recovery is going really well and Real Madrid believe they can bring Arda Guler back after the international break. The 18-year-old will have two full weeks to recover and train with the squad and it is believed he could return for the game against Sevilla on October 21, to get minutes against Braga and in El Clasico.

Everything will be closely monitored by the club and no unnecessary risks will be taken with him – as the club is very patient and has full faith in the Turk’s qualities.