Giroud the Goalie: AC Milan’s Unexpected Keeper Swap in Genoa Clash


Olivier Giroud’s Surprise Goalkeeping Role Against Genoa: AC Milan’s Lighthearted Response to Maignan’s Sending Off

In the unpredictable world of football, unexpected twists and turns often lead to moments of both drama and humor. Such was the case when AC Milan’s star striker, Olivier Giroud, was called upon to take on the role of a goalkeeper during a Serie A clash against Genoa. This unique turn of events came about after the team’s first-choice goalkeeper, Mike Maignan, received a red card. While some may see it as a jest, Milan’s decision to field Giroud in the goalkeeper position was a lighthearted response to a challenging situation.

The Unforeseen Circumstance: In the midst of an intense match against Genoa, AC Milan faced an unexpected setback when their goalkeeper, Mike Maignan, was sent off for a reckless challenge outside the penalty area. With no substitute goalkeeper available on the bench, the Rossoneri had to get creative. Instead of choosing an outfield player, they decided to have fun with the situation, turning to their experienced striker, Giroud, to take up the gloves.

Olivier Giroud’s Surprising Debut: Giroud, renowned for his goal-scoring prowess rather than his goalkeeping skills, embraced the challenge with a smile. Donning the goalkeeper’s gloves, the Frenchman made for an amusing sight in the Milan goal. While he may not have been the most conventional choice, Giroud approached the role with enthusiasm and dedication, embodying the true spirit of a team player.


Milan’s fans and football enthusiasts alike were entertained as Giroud made some unconventional saves and even showcased a few goalkeeping skills that left spectators in awe. His bravery and willingness to step up for the team were commendable, making the best out of a peculiar situation.

A Lighthearted Response: While Giroud’s stint as a goalkeeper may have been more comic relief than a genuine replacement for Maignan, it highlighted the camaraderie within the Milan squad. The decision to field Giroud in this role was a playful response to an unforeseen challenge, and it provided fans with a moment of levity in an otherwise intense fixture.

Football is known for its ability to surprise and amuse, and AC Milan’s unconventional decision to use Giroud as a goalkeeper certainly added to the sport’s charm. It was a reminder that, at its core, football is a game that should be enjoyed, and moments like these make it all the more memorable.