Jude Bellingham’s Relentless Training: Doing Rudiger Dirty at Los Blancos


Jude Bellingham Does Rudiger Dirty in Training as Englishman Continues Spectacular Form at Los Blancos.

Jude Bellingham’s meteoric rise in the world of football has been nothing short of spectacular. The young English midfielder, now plying his trade at Real Madrid, continues to turn heads with his exceptional talent and work ethic. However, it seems that Bellingham’s determination to excel extends beyond just matchdays, as recent reports suggest that he has been doing Antonio Rudiger dirty in training sessions. Let’s dive into the intriguing story behind Jude Bellingham’s relentless pursuit of greatness and how it’s affecting his teammates, especially Rudiger.

Since joining Real Madrid, Jude Bellingham has taken his game to new heights. His performances in the white shirt have been nothing short of sensational, as he’s become an integral part of Los Blancos’ midfield. Bellingham’s vision, passing ability, and defensive prowess have left fans and pundits alike in awe. His spectacular form has also had a significant impact on the team’s success, with Real Madrid competing for domestic and European honors.

Bellingham’s success on the pitch is no accident. Reports from the Real Madrid training ground suggest that the Englishman’s dedication to his craft is second to none. His training regimen is grueling, and he pushes himself to the limit every day to maintain his high level of performance. However, it’s not just Bellingham’s own game that benefits from his tireless work ethic; it’s also his teammates who are forced to raise their own standards.


Jude Bellinghamof Real Madrid training with his teammates at Valdebebas training ground on August 31, 2023 in Madrid, Spain.

Doing Rudiger Dirty

One teammate who has been particularly impacted by Bellingham’s relentless drive is Antonio Rudiger, the German defender known for his tenacity and defensive prowess. In training sessions, Bellingham has been giving Rudiger a run for his money, often outmuscling and outmaneuvering the tough-tackling defender. It’s not uncommon to see Bellingham evade Rudiger’s challenges and find the back of the net with a clinical finish during training drills.

This friendly yet fierce competition in training has brought out the best in both players. Rudiger, known for his no-nonsense defending, has had to adapt to Bellingham’s quick thinking and nimble footwork. On the other hand, Bellingham has honed his skills by facing off against one of the Premier League’s finest defenders.

Aurelien Tchouameni , Jude Bellingham , Antonio Rudiger and Eduardo Camavinga of Real Madrid attend the training session at Valdebebas training...

A Healthy Rivalry

While Bellingham’s training exploits may make Rudiger’s life difficult on the practice pitch, it’s all in the spirit of healthy competition. Both players understand that pushing each other to the limit during training ultimately benefits the team. Bellingham’s willingness to challenge Rudiger has not only elevated his own game but has also helped Rudiger adapt to different styles of play, making him a more versatile defender.