Barcelona aims for the return of Thiago Alcantara


Barcelona are said to be still looking for their former midfielder, Thiago Alcantara, who currently plays for Liverpool.

The Catalan club continue to struggle financially, meaning the free transfer target is likely to continue, and despite their injury problems, there will be few talents as bright as Thiago on the market next summer.

According to Sport newspaper, the Blaugrana would like to sign Joshua Kimmich to play in central midfield, but that is something of a pipe dream in their current financial situation.

So instead they are focused on a product of their academy that they never got to enjoy playing.


Thiago Alcantara’s time at Liverpool has been brilliant at times but too often hampered by injury.

He will fit in well at Camp Nou, where they seem unable to get their entire squad fit at any moment.

Jorginho, who is not playing as much as expected at Arsenal, is another name suggested in this part of the field and as “low cost”.