There is no peace for Barcelona: Now they have problems with Nike as well


Barcelona currently have some problems they are facing and they are not insurmountable. In particular, the club continues to suffer from financial problems, while they are also in the middle of a court battle over El Caso Negreira.

Compared to this, the club’s stock issues seem fairly minor, but it’s an increasingly frustrating problem.

According to Mundo Deportivo, the Barcelona home shirt is being sold in almost every size for adults, with the only exceptions being the XXL short-sleeve and some long-sleeve sizes.

In the eyes of Barcelona, the problem revolves around their supplier – Nike. The club believes that the company is not in compliance with the program that was approved months ago by the club itself, known as Licensing and Merchandising.


Barcelona will not have enough shirts in store until October 23, the Monday of El Clasico week.

Their sales are a huge help to the club in their quest to solve their financial problems, so the club’s frustrations over this are understandable.