“For them, I will do everything I can”, Vinicius vows to continue the fight against racism


Real Madrid star Vinicius Junior has vowed to continue his fight against racism in Spain, even though he knows he cannot eradicate the problem forever.

The Brazilian forward has been the victim of racist attacks on numerous occasions during La Liga matches since joining the Spanish champions. Spain’s league filed at least nine complaints of racial abuse against Vinicius during the championship in a Barcelona court.

After an incident in the game against Valencia last season, Vinicius took to social media to express his anger, declaring that the Spanish leadership “belongs to racists”.

The 23-year-old’s comments sparked debate from La Liga president Javier Tebas, who told him: “Before you criticize and insult La Liga, you should be properly informed, Vinicius.”

The Brazilian insists he will continue his fight against racism in Spain as he hopes to make things easier for the next generation.


“I personally know that I will not change history, that I will not make Spain a country without racists, nor the whole world. But I know I can change some things. That those who come in the coming years will not go through this, so that the children will have peace of mind in the future. I will do everything I can for them”, said Vinicius in an interview for L’Equipe.

“I learned a lot about racism. I learn more and more every day. It’s a really complex issue. I really hope these episodes don’t happen again. Not only with me, but with all the players, with everyone… and especially with the children”, he concluded.