A part of Fagioli’s testimony is whitewashed, this aggravates Tonal’s situation even more


The betting scandal that has erupted in Italy has caused great chaos in Italian football.

Big names in football have been affected such as Sandro Tonali, Nicolo Zaniolo, Nicola Zalewski and the young Juventus star, Nicolo Fagioli.

The Italian talent of Juventus was the first to agree to speak and be investigated, offering his phone.

According to what is reported by the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero, in fact, Tonali’s position has been worsened precisely by Fagioli himself.


Fagioli handed over his cell phone to the federal prosecutor, until he confessed that he got the illegal mobile betting application from Sandro Tonali.

Later, Fagioli told the investigators that he does not know if Tonali bet on football matches or on matches where he himself played.