Camavinga shows two aspects of the game where he needs to improve, expresses his disappointment with Ancelotti


Real Madrid star Eduardo Camavinga has made it clear once again that he doesn’t like being used as a left-back, be it at the hands of Didier Deschamps or Carlo Ancelotti, reminding everyone that he is a midfielder.

“They ask me about it every day. I am someone who plays for the team when they need me. I have not played in this position before, but I have adapted, either with the French national team or with Real Madrid. But I don’t like it. especially in that position. I think everyone knows, but if I have to play there, I do it even if it’s not necessarily with pleasure. I’m still a midfielder,” said Camavinga in an interview with Marca.

Camavinga told reporters that he also spoke to Ancelotti about it.

“When I had to play there, I played. I spoke with the coach, but as I have always said, the most important thing is the team. Someone had to be put in that position and being a team player, I played there even though I didn’t really like it. The best thing is to give everything for the club and the team. You don’t always get what you want in life and you have to see the bright side,” said the Frenchman.


Ancelotti has previously agreed with Camavinga that it is not his natural position, but was keen to remind the youngster that he would rather play on the left wing than not play at all.

Finally, Camavinga also reassured fans that he has overcome his injury and highlighted two aspects of his game that he aims to improve this season.

“I still need to improve my concentration. And also to be more decisive”, he concluded.

However, Manchester City last season exposed this weakness and Camavinga had quite a difficult night against them.

With neither Ferland Mendy nor Fran Garcia enjoying full confidence from Ancelotti so far, it looks like Camavinga will continue to play at left-back for a while yet.