The well-known former judge is the main candidate to take over the leadership of the Spanish Football Federation

Following the resignation of Luis Rubiales last month as President of the Spanish Football Federation, discussions have continued over a possible replacement. A few names have been mentioned, but nothing concrete yet.

This may change, as the newspaper Marca says that Antonio Mateu Lahoz has emerged as a serious candidate to take the post of president of the Federation. Lahoz, who retired as a referee at the end of last season, is ready to take on the job as he currently only works as a commentator on football matches.

The report states that Lahoz has the support of the main powers in the Federation, so his appointment is likely to be feasible. He was considered a strict but fair judge and the same behavior is expected if he takes this post.

The elections that are expected to take place next March, would give enough time to think about all the people who want to run to become the new head of Spanish football. If Lahoz decides to pursue this matter to the end, he may have an advantage over the other candidates.

The 45-year-old Lahoz throughout his career has been the subject of many criticisms, especially for the distribution of justice in the final of the World Cup between Argentina and France, where he broke the record of cards distributed in the history of that tournament.