Corona accuses Azmoun of betting, but quickly retreats

New day and new discovery by Fabrizio Corona. The former king of the paparazzi has published on his news site Dillinger News a video in which he portrays Sardar Azmoun, the young footballer of Rome, in the stands of the Olimpico while watching a horse race on his phone.

Further, from the published video, it is absolutely not clear whether the match is in progress or not. It is certain that the Iranian attacker has never hidden his passion for horses.

So much so that he took part in several events at the Capannelle Hippodrome, as well as owning 52 horses. Corona, after having used words such as “sensational” to emphasize the release of the video and as a result caused the social media to attack him, has given up.

In the latest post published on the Dillinger News Instagram page it is said: “Nobody has accused SARDAR AZMOUN of being a bookie. Although horses and betting often go hand in hand”.

“It’s about gambling addiction. This player was paid 12.5 million euros by Roma, he does not play and sits in the stands, but the fact that instead of watching his team on the field, he watches the horse races”.

“And like him, dozens of other young millionaires, captivated by the screen of a smartphone: horses, poker… Is everything legal from a criminal point of view? In some cases yes, in others no, in others still not. But from a moral point of view? Be careful, gambling addiction is a serious problem,” the site’s writing continued.