Situation escalates before El Clasico: Barcelona board member says Vinicius deserves a slap in the face for being a palazzo

A Barcelona board member has hit out at Real Madrid ace Vinicius Junior ahead of this weekend’s El Clasico.

The spokesperson for the Catalan club’s board of directors, and the club’s 33,796th member, Mikel Camps, took to social media to attack the Brazilian.

Camps confronted the Brazilian during last night’s Champions League win in Braga. The Los Blancos star made a failed attempt at a tackle during the win and also made two fine moves in the middle of the pitch.

Camps posted: “It’s not racism, he deserves a slap for being a palazzo and has proven it.”

“What do these unnecessary and senseless movements in the center of the field represent?”.

Camps quickly deleted the post, but not fast enough for X (formerly Twitter) users to bring it back with screenshots.