“Maybe he likes to rush”, the Barcelona star about Vinicius Jr

Barcelona star Ilkay Gundogan has defended his Real Madrid counterpart Vinicius Junior against claims he deliberately tries to bully his opponents with his style of play.

Earlier in the week, Barcelona director and spokesman Mikel Camps made headlines for tweeting that Vinicius Jr deserved a good slap and that ‘it’s not racism’, for which vice-president Rafa Yuste has apologised.

All this happened after an incident when Real Madrid were winning 2-0 against Braga, and Vinicius Jr made a number of unnecessary dribbles.

During an interview with Esport3 ahead of El Clasico, Gundogan was asked if he thought of Vinicius Jr as a provocative player.

“Someone can interpret Vinicius’s actions as a provocation, but for me, honestly, they are not.”

“Apparently, he already knows that if he does these things, he will be flooded. But, maybe he likes to run around, I don’t know…”, Gundogan said.

It is something that Vinicius Jr. has admitted in court. The Brazilian was candid during court testimony that he likes to tease opposing fans as it gives him extra motivation.

However in many cases, fans have not even understood where the line is and how low racism is. This is notable given the treatment the Brazilian has received in recent years.