Ngannou received the support of Ronaldo in the spectacle against Fury

Famous MMA fighter Francis Ngannou reunited with Cristiano Ronaldo ahead of the martial arts spectacle and his fight with Tyson Fury in Saudi Arabia.

The former UFC champion, now a member of the PFL, has been staying in Saudi Arabia for some time, where he is preparing for a fight against Tyson Fury. He briefly interrupted the preparation period to attend the Al Nassr match.

This Saudi football club invited Ngannou to the game because of Ronaldo and then the two famous athletes hung out and published some photos together.

“I’m glad to see you brother, Cristiano. Thank you for inviting me to the Al Nassr match”, Ngannou initially said in the caption of the photos with CR7.

Ngannou and Ronaldo have known each other for a long time and the Cameroonian showed that the footballer played an important role in organizing the fight with Fury.

“Yes, that’s where the talk of a fight started. We had a conversation and he told me that Saudi Arabia is the future,” the boxer concluded.

The Portuguese footballer has announced that he will be present during the fight between Ngannou and Fury, which is scheduled for Saturday night.

Since leaving the UFC, Ngannou has signed with the Professional Fighters League (PFL), a rival organization that allows him to box before making his debut in 2024. It should be noted that Fury’s UFC belt is not up for grabs, but his promoters claim it’s not an exhibition match, but a real fight.