Who votes for the Ballon d’Or and how the rules have changed


While the names of the winners will be revealed this Monday evening, during the Ballon d’Or ceremony at the Théâtre du Châtelet, the focus is also on those who are part of the jury and the elections.

There are only one hundred, one for each country and their votes, which will be revealed in the issue of France Football, this Saturday, November 4.

The France Football Ballon d’Or juries bear a great responsibility because they are supposed to represent the most global, diverse, neutral and objective evaluation of the best footballer in the world during the past season.

Closed jury

Since the beginning of 2022, the selection criteria have evolved. Individual performances now take precedence over club or selection trophies. The jury was narrowed down to 100 people, one journalist from each of the top 100 countries in the FIFA rankings.

When the list of 30 nominees is decided by France Football, each jury must give, in order, their best 5. The player in the first position gets 6 points, the second one 4 points, the third one 3 points, the fourth one gets 2 points, then the fifth one seems to settle for 1 point. The tally of votes determines the final men’s Ballon d’Or rankings.


Kopa and Yachine trophies, but also the Golden Ball for women

As for the Yachine trophy, the same group of journalists votes a top 3 among the 10 goalkeepers listed. Their votes give 5, 3 and 1 points to the mentioned players.

For the women, the process is the same as for the men’s Ballon d’Or. In 2023, for the first time, the list of nominees was increased by France Football to 30 names, due to the progress and professionalization of women’s football, in the wake of an exciting World Cup.

The jury works in the same way, limited to one specialist journalist from each of the top 50 countries in the FIFA rankings.

Only the Cup trophy works differently. It is not journalists from around the world who choose the best under-21 player, but former men’s Ballon d’Or winners who choose, using the same procedure as for the Yachine trophy, their top 3 in a row among 10 youth.