You may have missed the moment – Leao was about to attack Pioli but was stopped by his teammates


The last minutes of the Napoli-Milan match were not calm at all, especially in the away camp.

Stefano Pioli decided to remove from the game the two stars of the team, Olivier Giroud and Rafael Leao, where both did not welcome this moment at all.


The worst substitution was received by Rafael Leao who was irritated with the coach, and was even ready to attack him if the other teammates did not intervene.

Leao left the game behind the Napoli goal and was repeatedly insulting the coach as he made his way to the bench.

It was his teammates Adli, Pobega and Alessandro Florenzi who stopped and calmed the Portuguese not to do anything that would cost him a lot.

However, after the match, Pioli said that he will give explanations to the two footballers about the substitutions made.