In 1996, The Simpsons predicted how the fight between Fury and Ngannou would play out

This past weekend, all boxing fans enjoyed the fight between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou, in which the current world boxing champion defeated the former UFC champion.

Fury celebrated after the judges’ decision, which caused huge controversy.

In the first two rounds, Fury controlled the fight and racked up points with long shots, and then in the third round, Ngannou landed a powerful left that sent Fury to the floor and badly concussed him.

Fury got up somehow and continued to box and in the end after ten rounds he won by decision of the judges.

And while some believe that Ngannou deserved the victory, those who believe that the outcome of the fight was predetermined found “proof” of this in the animated series “The Simpsons”.

In the third episode of the eighth season of “The Simpsons”, which aired on November 10, 1996, Homer fights against Drederick Tatum.

Homer, a bald white guy with a big belly, who bears an irresistible resemblance to Fury, takes a lot of beatings in the ring, but at the end of the episode he wins.

Tatum, whose character is inspired by Mike Tyson, is the strongest puncher in the world and that was enough to draw him to Ngannou.

This is not the first time that people have cited many events from “The Simpsons” as foreshadowing of what is happening in the real world, one of the most recent being the tragedy that killed the crew of the submarine Titan.