Pogba faces two-year ban in doping trial – latest updates

50 days after his failed doping test came to light, Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba is heading for a sports trial in Italy that could see him banned from football for two years.

Media outlet La Gazzetta dello Sport details how the 30-year-old Frenchman is still suspended as a precaution following the results of his doping test at the end of August and subsequent counter-analysis, both of which came back positive for high levels of testosterone.

Pogba could face a four-year ban, but that seems unlikely, based on both the lack of guilty pleas and the referee’s belief that he knowingly consumed the banned substance.

The anti-doping code allows for a less severe penalty if the accused admits responsibility, which is why a two-year ban seems more likely. The Code does not refer to a plea agreement, but rather an “agreement between the parties”.

Meanwhile, Pogba suffered his first defeat. The Frenchman had requested a ‘single hearing’ at the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, but this was rejected after the World Anti-Doping Agency refused to give the green light. As such, the Juventus midfielder is on a trial run.

Pogba now has two options – reach a deal with anti-doping prosecutors for half the length of the ban originally sought, which would also require the green light from WADA, or risk everything in a sports trial at the Sports Anti-Doping Tribunal. Doping. At first instance, he would not be able to appeal, but at second he could still appeal to CAS.

It has been almost a month since the results of the French counter-analysis came to light. Anti-doping prosecutors are still completing their investigations and Pogba could be referred within the next 10 days. From then on, he has 20 days to choose between a deal or a trial. The latter would then be decided within 40 days.

Pogba is unable to train with Juventus’ squad in Continassa, so is training at home with his personal trainer, using the gym and pool.