Del Bosque criticizes Xavi ‘harshly’ for Barcelona’s fluctuating form

Former World Cup winner with Spain, Vicente del Bosque, has claimed that Xavi Hernandez’s Barcelona does not represent his identity on the field.

Xavi certainly did well last year when they won La Liga considering the state in which he took over, but this season many expected Barcelona to take a step forward in terms of style of play.

Del Bosque was asked what Barcelona lacked and replied that they lacked the one thing that Xavi actually had to guarantee.

“He’s just won a league. The big teams always play against the teams at the bottom of the table, constantly attacking them and leaving few spaces. “Barcelona has always had this one identity of its game and now it lacks a little”, said Del Bosque in an interview with Cadena SER.

He also had a few words for the coach of Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, saying that the Italian represents the Madrid club very well, except in rare cases.

Del Bosque praised Ancelotti for the transition he has made at the “Santiago Bernabeu”, after “Los Blancos” faced the departure of players who for many years shouldered the burden of the club’s successes and failures, with Karim Benzema being the most recent case.

Last year, Xavi had a more pragmatic approach which in the end was successful, but apparently maintaining that level is proving to be a difficult job for the Spanish technician.