Among the speculations linking him to Real Madrid, Haaland’s agent talks about the forward’s future


In a conversation about the speculation of Erling Haaland’s move to Real Madrid in the future, his agent, Rafael Pimenta, told Relevo that the striker has his fate in his hands.

“What I mean is that you have to use balance. We, the club and the player, are all in the same boat. Things need to be discussed and dealt with so that everyone is okay,” she said initially.

“When everyone is ready to make the change, it will be made.” He is not the type of player to say ‘I’m leaving, goodbye, I don’t want to know anything'”.

“He will always do what is good for him and for Manchester City. When everyone is open to change, it will happen. Erling will always be respectful.”


Pimenta was also asked if Haaland is completely happy and content at Man City, adding: “You have to ask him. I am not saying otherwise; I know this, but I don’t speak for others.”

“I see a clear path: great sports results come when you are happy. The good feeling, the energy and then things happen,” she continued.

Haaland is contracted to stay at Man City until 2027 and has yet to make an official statement regarding his future. He will reportedly have a €200 million release clause that activates in 2024, and it remains to be seen whether Real Madrid will be able to sign him in the near future.