Cucurella reveals that there is a ‘Spanish mafia’ at Chelsea, singles out four names


Marc Cucurella joked that he and former Brighton players Robert Sanchez and Moises Caicedo are part of the ‘Spanish mafia’ at Chelsea, along with manager Mauricio Pochettino.

All three players and the coach speak Spanish as their first language. It can be assumed that Enzo Fernandez, as well as possibly Nicolas Jackson and Thiago Silva, are other members of the ‘gang’.

“I am very happy that they joined us”, declared Cucurella about the transfer of Sanchez and Caicedo to Chelsea.

“I told them that it is an important club, they would feel very good here, that I am happy here and that we would have a Spanish mafia!”.


“There are great facilities, as we can also talk to the coach in Spanish to explain our mistakes or what we need to do on the field.”

“We have a really good team, we are very close on and off the field and I think that when these relationships are good, then on the field we can play together,” he added.