Real Madrid refuse to change ‘transfer rule’


Real Madrid, who are under pressure from a long string of injuries that have deeply affected their squad this season, will reportedly maintain their strict stance of not signing new players during the January transfer window, according to Jose Luis Diaz.

The Madrid club remain adamant that any potential move to sign players in January would be a departure from their philosophy of securing only world-class talent or youngsters with outstanding potential — a criteria rarely matched by players who are available in the winter transfer market.

The club has experienced an injury crisis, with twelve players forced to take a break from the field as a result of various injuries. Nine of them are still out.


Real Madrid’s strategy includes plans to sign players during the summer, when there are expected to be better options on the market.

For now, the club has decided to confidently support the current squad and wait for the injured players to return.

Meanwhile, coach Carlo Ancelotti is considered to be promoting some of the young talents from the second team, Castilla, to add to the first team as a measure to compensate for the absences.