Euro 2024: The qualified representatives, the three places from the “play-off”, the pots and the draw


In Euro 2024, which will be held in Germany, 21 of the 24 representative teams that will compete for the European throne or who will be the heir of Italy, the current champion of Europe, are already known.

The European Championship “Germany 2024” will be held from June 14 to July 14 and almost all “big representatives” have qualified.

Teams like England, France and Portugal are at the highest levels, but also others like Belgium, Italy, Germany (host), Spain or the Netherlands want to surprise.

Berlin will host the final, but until reaching the historic German city there will be a difficult road to overcome for all contenders for the title.

Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Romania, Scotland, Switzerland, Turkey,

In addition to them, Albania, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Serbia or even Croatia secured qualification as the last team to qualify directly after beating Armenia 1-0 this Tuesday.

Three more places from the “Play-Off”


There are still three spots to decide and we won’t know 100% until March. This Thursday, November 23, the draw will be made to complete the three “play-off” routes.

Poland or Wales already know they will be in ‘Route A’, with the Poles playing Estonia in the semi-finals, while Wales must wait to find out their rivals.

The same goes for ‘Route B’: it’s not entirely clear who Israel or Bosnia will face, but both, like Poland and Wales, will be at home in the semi-finals.

In ‘Route C’ everything is clear: Georgia against Luxembourg and Greece against Kazakhstan.

In Germany 2024 there will be only three teams from the 12 participants in this stage: one for each route.

Pots and lots

Next December 2 (Saturday) will be the day when the draw for the group stage of Euro 2024 will be made.

The draw will be held from 18:00 in the city of Hamburg.

Pot 1 : Germany, Portugal, France, Spain, Belgium, England

Pot 2 : Hungary, Denmark, Albania, Austria, Turkey, Romania

Pot 3 : Scotland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Croatia

Vase 4 : Italy, Serbia, Switzerland, the three places from the “play-off”