The moment of Messi’s fight with Rodyrgo, the Argentinian slaps the Brazilian on the back of the neck

Huge tensions and brawls were seen in Rio de Janeiro, involving fans, police and players in one of the most memorable matches between Brazil and Argentina, certainly not for football.

Lionel Messi and Rodrygo Goes had a clash on the pitch after incidents in the stands with fans as protagonists.

It all started when the captain and leader of the Albiceleste decided to send his teammates off the field, not knowing if the match would be played or not.

According to the Ole medium , some Brazilian footballers started arguing asking to start the game.

That’s when Messi stood firm and ended up arguing with Rodrygo.

The Real Madrid player said something that didn’t go down well with Leo, who ended up grabbing the Brazilian by the neck and shouting.

The Argentine also reminded him that “We are world champions”.