Moggi is convinced that Juventus and Pogba will part ways


Former Juventus general manager Luciano Moggi expects the club to let go of Paul Pogba.

The French midfielder is awaiting an extension to his sentence after failing a doping test.

Moggi told Radio Bianconera: “Pogba has an expiring contract with Juventus. It is clear that if he is excluded for a certain period, Juventus can only give him 2,000-3,000 euros or terminate his contract”.

“What would I have done? I, in principle, would not have returned him to Juventus. If you think about the young man you let go and he was doing very well and you think about this player, who didn’t shine for Manchester United, we are talking about two different players.”


“However, I could have asked for compensation, because the club was seriously damaged in this case. However, in fact I have never done it”, he added further.

Pogba is expected to be banned from football for up to two years, meaning his career would be over.