UEFA allocates funds for teams participating in Euro 2024


The UEFA Executive Committee has approved today (Saturday) in the city of Hamburg, the money distribution system for the teams participating in the 2024 European Championship that will be held in Germany next summer.

The amount that is planned to be distributed to the participating teams is 331 million euros, as much as it was in Euro 2020.

Albania is also part of the European Championship. The Reds had an excellent qualifying run, finishing top of the group with 15 points and leaving behind the likes of the Czech Republic and Poland.

Three matches will be played in the group stage and UEFA has today approved that all teams will be guaranteed 9.25 million euros. In case of victory, then 1 million euros would be added to this amount, while for a draw 500 thousand euros.

The teams that make it to the top 16 will receive 1.5 million euros, while those that reach the quarterfinals will receive 2.5 million euros, while qualifying for the semifinals is worth 4 million euros.

The team that ends up winning the EURO will receive 8 million euros, while the runner-up will receive 5 million euros.

In case the champion team has won all the matches of the group, then it will win a maximum of 28.25 million euros.

We remind you that the draw for dividing the groups will take place today (Saturday) starting at 18:00 and Albania is in the second pot together with Hungary, Turkey, Romania, Denmark and Austria.