Guardiola first mocks Anthony Taylor, stings reporters – then talks about the referee’s scandalous mistake


Manchester City and Tottenham drew 3-3 in the derby of the 17th round of the Premier League, but the match saw a lot of debate during and after its conclusion.

After the game, the most talked about is referee Simon Hooper’s incredible error. He made a grave and inexplicable error in second-half stoppage time and cost Manchester City dearly, and in an unusual way – giving away a foul for him.

After the match, reporters asked Pep Guardiola for a comment on the referee’s scandalous error. He gave a response that went viral: “Anthony Taylor was the fourth umpire today. You know, the master and commander who knows all about business couldn’t tell me anything why we weren’t given priority. But give me another question, I won’t be like Arteta”.

Guardiola was referring to the reaction of the Arsenal boss, otherwise his great friend and former assistant, after the Gunners’ defeat to Newcastle last weekend. The Magpies celebrated with a very questionable goal and Arteta commented:

“Unbelievable! How is it possible that such a goal was conceded in the Premier League, which we say is the best league in the world. I have been in this country for 20 years and now I am ashamed. This is not a goal, this is an absolute disgrace. It’s not a goal. I feel bad, so. I’m sorry to be a part of all this,” the Arsenal coach said.


However, Guardiola commented on the situation: “It’s difficult when you watch the video. The referee decides to give a foul after giving up the lead. The whistle was blown after the action and the pass for the goal… I don’t understand”.

He also spoke about Haaland’s reaction: “His reaction is normal. He is a little disappointed. Even the referee, if he had played today for Manchester City, would have been disappointed with that decision.”